A Complete Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing – Grab the Offer for FREE

A Complete Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing – Grab the Offer for FREE

I can remember, a few years back I was searching for the same term in the Google search bar, “A complete beginners guide to Affiliate marketing”. In the online world, I was a newbie those days. With time the scenario has been changed, no more I am a beginner, but still, I can remember this particular term which completely changed my life, lead me to an amazing world.

This is a world of full freedom, there is no pressure from office boss, no email to waste my weekends, nobody is there to cancel my casual leaves; In this beautiful world, I am the boss of my own and working in my own time while living my life in a much better way.

I am glad to know you are another person searching for the similar term, an I’ll be more than happy to help you to find out a similar life which I am enjoying now.

How Affiliate Marketing Changes the Lifestyle?

When I first time listened to the term “affiliate marketing” I really found it as a strange term. I was a newbie who was trying to explore the online world without any knowledge. It was difficult for me to believe that something like affiliate marketing can really change someone’s lifestyle. But today I realized it really does, it really changed my life.

If you are new in the online world and have no knowledge about internet marketing, then you must not skip the next few paragraphs. Because I am going to share my realization about the strength of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a pretty simple process. In this system, you’ll be paid by the online retailers when your referred products get sold via your website. That means you have a website where you are promoting some of your favorite items (suppose from Amazon). Visitor comes to your website, click on a referral link (affiliate link), the link drives the visitor to Amazon, the visitor buys from Amazon, and you earn revenue from Amazon.

Join us and get a complete beginners guide to affiliate marketing.
Simple steps to earn money vis affiliate marketing, but you must go through the learning curve to know the tricks for success.

There are billions of products in the online market and on average 4 billion people are surfing the internet every day. You have a huge opportunity to sell any product to huge audiences. If you follow the right way while promoting any product, you’ll be the gainer. Hundreds and thousands of people in the world are making millions of money from the online market by doing this job, which is never/rarely possible to earn from a 9-5 job. This is how affiliate marketing changed my lifestyle.

You just can not imagine the monthly income of the affiliate/blogging websites which appears on the first page of Google. many among them have 6-7 figures ($) earnings per month. More popular a website and its pages, more is the turnover.

As I mentioned earlier, unless and until you follow the process thoroughly you’ll not get success in affiliate marketing and you’ll get frustrated. So, I repeatedly suggest you, start your online business proper way.

What are the steps to get success in Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is not a job, and nobody is going to pay you from the very first day. This is actually your very own business, where you have…

  1. A brand name of your organization — Your website name.
  2. A selling platform (shop) — Your website.
  3. Products for sale — Affiliate links provided by online retailers.
  4. Customers — Worldwide visitors in your website.

Like any other business, you have to grow your affiliate marketing business in your own hand. Your first job is to build and decorate your website proper way so that people found your website useful and helpful. Then you have to promote your website so that it appears on the first page of Google. Remember, promotion doesn’t mean only paid advertisements, there are several other methods to optimize a website in the search engine in free of cost. When your website comes to the first page there will be more traffic and you’ll start earning revenue like anything.

So in brief, the steps to get success in affiliate marketing is as follows,

  • Choose your favorite niche.
  • Create a website at the lowest cost.
  • Build up your website with useful and helpful contents.
  • Use affiliate links proper way, MAINTAINING THE RULES.
  • Focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) while posting contents and introducing affiliate links.
  • Drive traffic to your website.
  • Appear on the first page of Google and other search engines (that’ll happen automatically).
  • Start selling product and get rich.
  • Build up another website, and so on.

If you can follow the above steps in a systematic manner, you’ll definitely be the gainer, I can bet.

A complete beginners guide to affiliate marketing help you reach the door of success.
Learn online marketing before you start.

If you are a newbie in the online world, I’ll suggest you not to jump in without a PROPER TRAINING. If you don’t have proper knowledge on creating content, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), driving traffic etc., you can’t survive in the online world, because without knowledge and tricks you can’t win the race in this competitive market.

In the Initial stage, you have to work hard like any other business. If you get proper guidance and training, your business will get rolled within a few months. Once your website will get popular in a particular niche you never need to turn back, your work pressure will be decreased and you can enjoy your life anyway (maybe traveling the world).

How to Choose the Perfect Training Courses on Affiliate Marketing?

If you are really interested to build up your online business, I guess, you are already in search of a perfect platform. Maybe you still did not find any, or maybe you get more than one but not sure where to join.

On the internet, you get 1000s of online training courses who are offering you the “Best” training in online marketing.

Am I wrong?

I can understand, it is really difficult to identify the scams and legit from that huge list. To be honest, I personally been hunted by the scams in my past and lost my hard earn money. I NEVER want any of my visitors should experience the same situation because I don’t like to see my website is falling due to a bad reputation.

Click Bank Success, Amazon traffic sales & Affiliate marketing, Wealthy Affiliate, Learn how to build Affiliate Website, Affiliate bots 2, Sell tee shirts with tee spring, Email and Affiliate marketing mastermind, Internet Jetset Super Affiliate Program, Build an affiliate marketing website with Wix, My Business Venture, Youtube affiliate empire, Facebook Ads and Affiliate marketers, Earn your first commission, etc. are few popular programs in the world of affiliate and online marketing. The actual list is too long.

Choose the a complete beginners guide to affiliate marketing which lead you to the right direction.
For a beginner, it is really difficult to choose the right platform among so many options available in the market…

I have personally tested many programs (including the above list), few are scams and few are legit. You will get all the details about many programs in the “Review” section. If I exclude the list of scams, I have the only legit program in my hand.

Before choosing a legit program the following questions comes to the limelight, and you must check them all.

  • How is the quality of training courses of a program?
  • What is the price?
  • Is there any hidden upsells?
  • What do they offer in their program?
  • What is the success rate from their platform?

Additionally, if you are a beginner you should check,

  • Do they provide a complete beginners guide to affiliate marketing?

Selection of A Complete Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing: My Opinion

When I was younger I took several wrong decision to enter the online world. In those days I was a real stranger in the online world. I can still remember the previous evening when I was searching for the same as you are doing now, which offered me a new direction for new hope. Though initially, I didn’t expect to achieve such a beautiful world so early, it happened in reality.

But to be honest, I worked hard in those days because the platform offered me perfect training sessions (from scratch to monetize), amazingly helpful community, 24×7 support and all the necessary tools (including free hosting of 50 websites) within a very reasonable price (I’d say this is too low in comparison to the list of facilities).

WA offers a complete beginners guide to affiliate marketing.Thus far Wealthy Affiliate is my #No.1 recommendation especially for the beginners and the intermediates who need to learn affiliate marketing and build up profitable niche websites proper way.

I have seen, there are many other programs offer get-rich-quick formula (though I don’t believe in this term), but their courses are short, not for the beginners, and most importantly there are a lot of hidden upsells in their program. If you are a beginner or intermediate I’d suggest you, check them properly if you decide to join any them.

A Few words about My #No.1 Recommendation: the Reasons

Wealthy Affiliate, my #No.1 Recommended platform offers you a complete beginners guide to affiliate marketing, which you are looking for. Neither you need to be a technical person, nor an online expert. In a straightforward version, you need to know nothing about online marketing or programming. Their step-by-step training will guide you from scratch.

But don’t think this will end up within beginners’ training. There are 12 regular courses containing 120 lessons, weekly live webinar, 1000s of video training and tutorials which will convert you to an expert in online marketing from a beginner. If you follow their training properly, you must be the gainer, I can assure you.

In their basic training courses, they’ll teach you,

  • How to creating and build up your website.
  • How to select a profitable niche for your website.
  • How to select SEO friendly keywords in a proper way.
  • How to create useful contents to draw traffic.
  • The best ways the attract visitors (without any advertisements).
  • Optimizing the search engine proper way.
  • Rightways to monitor social media.
  • Video trafficking.
  • and many others.

In their package, they are offering you a lot of tools and facilities which probably no other platform can offer you within this price range. Let’s see what they are offering —

  • Hosting your 50 websites: that means, you can build up to 50 websites from their platform!
  • Keyword research tool JAAXY — generates perfect results.
  • Site builder — You can easily build up your websites from this platform.
  • Site comments — get comments on your website.
  • Site manager — Manage your all website from one place.
  • Live chat — Get instant support if you are facing any problem.
  • 24×7 support — Get support for your website anytime.
  • Unlimited and updated training.
  • Amazingly helpful community.
  • Others.

The cost of their premium membership is $49/month. But if someone is interested to enroll in the yearly plan, he/she can save a lot of money, Price of their yearly plan is only $359/year.

But the offer doesn’t end up here only. A starter member can join their platform for absolutely FREE of cost, that is $0. Nobody is going to ask you for credit card information, no billing required. Still, as a starter member, you can access the beginners’ course containing, 2 free websites, supports, community help, keyword research tool (Jaaxy), etc.

==> Know more about Wealthy Affiliate before taking a decision <==

If you have any query then please post them in the comment section, I’ll be more than happy to help you.

If you find the article helpful and valuable please share this and write your thinking in the comment box below.

Thank you very much for your attention.

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  1. Adyns68

    I agree with you wealthy affiliate is the place to be in order to learn how to create your online business and make money online using affiliate marketing.

    The training you get can be applied for any niche you choose to venture in. And the wealthy affiliate’s community can inspire you to grow your business and improve. They share their success and struggle, to help each other.


    1. Dr. SD

      It is good to see you know Wealthy Affiliate pretty well. Looks like you are/were a part of the beautiful community.

      You are absolutely right, Wealthy Affiliate is a great place where you’ll get a complete guide to Affiliate marketing, because of not only the training but the helpful community and plenty of tools which force you to get success in your business. I have never seen such a community who are working for the betterment of each another.

  2. AnnetteCristina

    The hard part of affiliate marketing is building enough consistent traffic to your site. There’s no question there’s reward with affiliate marketing but it sure isn’t fast. I think most people give up too soon after not seeing any results without first realizing you have to earn your way to the top of SERPS.

    1. Dr. SD

      You are right. The difficult part of affiliate marketing is building consistent traffic. You need to learn the methods to make sufficient traffic, and if you don’t you’ll be simply giving up as you said.

      An excellent training organization has been mentioned here in this article. You can try this for your success in online marketing. You’ll get thousands of training modules and essential tools in this platform, which will ease your job.

      When you start something, you must not leave it without watching the results. You must do everything to make it successful, at least while there are options. I hope success will come to your door.

      Best wishes.

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